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Physical Therapy in Mandeville

To facilitate recovery, we offer physical rehab in conjunction with chiropractic care. Every patient at Spinecare Chiropractic gets some rehabilitation or physiotherapy. This could include stretches or strengthening or both. Patients may come in for postsurgical care or because they’ve been putting up with neck pain for 10 years.

A Complement to the Chiropractic Adjustment

We find that physical therapy it an excellent supplement to the adjustment because it helps to stabilize that area. Our chiropractors oversee the rehab, but our staff members are the ones who teach patients the exercises.

Patients have access to outstanding resources in our open rehab area. We have a rehab mat, various rehab devices on the walls and much more to accelerate your healing.

Though most of our environment is light and airy, our therapy area is dark so patients can come in and relax in a quiet, soothing space. Our therapy area is an ideal place to decompress and take a break from the stresses of everyday life.

Once you’ve come a patient with us, here’s what you can expect each time you come in:

  • Perform your rehab exercises
  • Get adjusted
  • Finish your therapy

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Experience for yourself the difference that physical rehab, along with chiropractic care, can make in your life. Contact our Mandeville practice today to schedule an appointment!

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